Have you ever wondered why you should only use an accredited auto repair centre? In this informative article, we will answer that exact question!

If you are looking for an auto repair centre but don’t know where to start – a good place is always accreditation!

By using a business accredited by a reputable association such as the RMI (Retail Motor Industry) and that carries an industry by an additional association like the MIWA (Motor Industry Workshop Association). You can be assured of good workmanship and recourse in the unlikely event that the job is not completed to acceptable standards. Accredited businesses will be run by highly-skilled professionals, with excellent service levels, administrative support, and quality parts and repair equipment.

During the accreditation process, a business undergoes a thorough assessment. Various aspects are scrutinised during this process: the health and safety operating procedures; the premises, tools and equipment; administration; waste removal; staffing and so on. Even aspects of the business such as insurance of the client’s vehicle whilst on the property of the repairer, parking facilities, lighting, ventilation, and uniforms are inspected. The level of staff training, skills, and qualifications is another important aspect of the accreditation process.

It is a rigorous process that we believe is essential to ensure that our customers know they are dealing with professionals and can feel protected!

Possibly the most important benefit of using an accredited business is the knowledge that there is an association you can deal with in the event of bad service or poor workmanship experience.

Owning a motor vehicle or a fleet is a big investment. The purchase price alone is a major financial commitment and repairs don’t come cheap. It is therefore very important that you can trust the repairer to do the best job at the most affordable price.

We always say, “Don’t be afraid to ask for proof of accreditation when considering an auto repairer. It is worth the extra admin to ensure you receive the service you deserve!”

Having said this we can say with pride that we are certified and approved and carry a 5-Star MIWA rating in addition We are RMI certified. This means you are in great hands and can trust you will receive professional, prompt service and workmanship of the highest standards!

Randburg Auto Repairs specialises in prompt, affordable and reliable car services, repairs, seasonal maintenance and travel check-ups on all make and models of cars, SUVs and bakkies. No matter what year of manufacture.

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