We are excited to let you know our entire workshop has gone through deep disinfection, sterilization and a SANITATION which was professionally done by Combat Pest Control!

When it comes to our customers, your safety is our number one priority!

We believe our staff and you, our awesome customer deserve every safety measure possible be taken and proud knowing we have ticked that box!

We would STRONGLY recommend this service to any other business that serves customers like:

  • Offices and Retail Centres
  • Schools and Academic Institutions
  • Restaurants and Bars
  • Clinics and Medical Centres
  • Busses, Informal Taxis, Uber, and Trains and even Personal Homes and High-Density Flats

The services offered by Combat Pet Control are scientifically proven disinfectant fogging systems that contains BACATAC (didecyl dimethyl ammonium chloride), a broad-spectrum disinfectant and sanitiser proven to be effective against a wide range of pathogens. Including viruses, bacteria, fungi and mycolplasma. Which is ideal for killing a massive number of pathogens in large environments like offices and retail spaces. The fog covers all contact surfaces and kills the virus on contact. The area that is treated needs to be evacuated for between 30-60 minutes depending on the size of the area be treated.

For information we invite you to contact Combat Pest Control Directly on:
Cell: 084 200 2700 | Contact: Jason Van Heerden | Website: johannesburgpestcontroller.co.za | jason@combatpestcontrol.co.za

Randburg Auto Repairs specialises in prompt, affordable and reliable car services, repairs, seasonal maintenance and travel check-ups on all makes and models of cars, SUV’S and bakkies. No matter what year of manufacture. We are RMI certified and have a 5-Star MIWA rating.

For more information:

(011) 781-9629 | info@randburgautorepairs.co.za | No. 2 King Street Kensington B, Randburg


Tune in and catch a ride with us @autorepairsrbg

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Randburg Auto Repair