A lighthearted look at some of the most commonly asked questions we get daily. 

Auto mechanics are similar to physicians for vehicles and similar to doctors, we’re accustomed to fielding a wide array of queries from our “patients” (or rather, customers). Let’s journey through some of the inquiries most commonly posed at automobile repair establishments. 

Commonly Asked Questions_Eco FriendlyQuestion: “Can you make my car more eco-friendly?” 🌿👇 

Answer: Absolutely! We offer eco-friendly services, from emissions checks to improving fuel efficiency. Your car can join the green team without a costume change. 

Question: “Do you offer a ‘car whisperer’ service?” 🐴🚗👇 

Answer: We might not speak fluent “car,” but our diagnostic tools and experienced mechanics can decode those mysterious engine noises and quirks. 

Question: “Can you make my car smell like a pine forest?” 🌲🚗👇 

Answer: We might not have forest magic, but we will clean your car from top to bottom so when you collect it, your mind will just be reminded about a pine forest!  

Question: “Will my car run faster if I paint it red?” 🚗🎨👇 

Answer: While red cars are known for turning heads, the paint colour won’t make it faster. However, our maintenance services can ensure it runs smoothly and efficiently, no matter the colour. 

Question: “Is my car feeling camera-shy today?” 📸👇 

Answer: Don’t worry; your car doesn’t need a release form. We do take “before” and “after” photos for our records, but they’re just for our eyes unless you want to showcase your car’s transformation on social media! 

So, whether your question is quirky or commonplace, never hesitate to ask. 

Your car’s well-being is our priority, and we’re here to keep it running smoothly and safely, with a smile. 😄🔧🚗 

At Randburg Auto Repairs, we’re your go-to for prompt, affordable, and reliable car services, repairs, maintenance, and travel check-ups. 🚗🛠️💪

We cater to all makes and models of cars, SUVs, and bakkies, regardless of the manufacture year. We are RMI certified and boast a 5-Star MIWA rating so you know we’re the experts you can trust! 🌟🏆

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