What better way to enjoy World Compliment Day than by letting you, our clients know how AMAZING you all are!

It would not be World Compliment Day if we did not also take this opportunity to acknowledge and complement our incredible staff, you guys ROCK!

How are you planning on complimenting today?

World Compliment Day is celebrated every year on the 1st of March!

History of World Compliment Day

This creative day was originated by Hans Poortvliet, a recognized professional in the Netherlands. He started the initiative in the Netherlands and with the success of it, wondered if making it worldwide instead of national if there be “The Most Positive Day in The World”. These are lofty goals, but Mr Poortvliet feels that if every person took the time to sincerely offer a compliment to three people in their life that we would be that closer to the goal.

Why is this a day that everyone can take part in fully? On his website (worldcomplimentday.info) Mr Poortvliet urges the compliments and notes of appreciation be in words only, not in gifts. This means that anyone and everyone can afford to take part. What a wonderful idea! Especially with all the expensive holidays that come this time of year, it is nice to have a holiday to really be able to jump into the day with both feet.

How to celebrate World Compliment Day

The best way to give a compliment is to be sure that what you are saying is sincere and heartfelt. It doesn’t need to earth-shattering, you can just let someone know that they have done a good job at work, or you like their outfit. But if you can offer a deeper compliment and tell them what an impact they have made in your life.

Another thing that you can do on World Compliment Day is to try and remember to smile and say thank you when you encounter people who do a daily service for you. Bus drivers, cashiers at the coffee shop or market, taxi drivers or even those you run into in the store. Service can sometimes be a rather thankless job and your smile and sincere thanks could mean the world to them!

What are other areas of life where a compliment could go a long way? Those in education, medical professionals are just a couple of other areas. With a little thought, it is sure to come to you who in your life could use a boost.

In today’s fast-paced world, taking the time to compliment those around us is an art that should be passed down to our children so that isn’t lost in time. Use World Compliment Day to teach your children the way to be sincere in their thanks. It is also a good time to teach them to appreciate those around them and to not take the people in their lives for granted.

Maybe Mr Poortvliet is correct in his goal of making World Compliment Day into The Most Positive Day in The World!

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Source: https://www.daysoftheyear.com/days/world-compliment-day/

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